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Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Live Music in Miami

live music in miami

Miami's all about the music! It feels like the whole city's always grooving to some beat.  Visiting? No sweat! We know figuring out where to go for live music in Miami can be tricky, but ditch the endless searches for "restaurants with music" or the "perfect spot."

In this guide, we explore some of the best spots for live music in Miami—including Mayami Wynwood, a Mexican fusion restaurant that transforms into a nightclub at night. Every visit leaves you feeling exhilarated and connected to the vibrant Miami culture. 

Wynwood Unplugged: The Heartbeat Of Miami's Live Music

Skip the tourist crowds and head straight to Wynwood, the epicenter of Miami's live music scene. This vibrant spot explodes with artistic energy – stunning street art, trendy cafes buzzing with creativity, and music filling the air with every genre imaginable.

Wynwood's music scene is as diverse as its murals. Talented street performers transform every corner into a mini-concert, their songs weaving into the city's rhythm. In cozy cafes, discover rising stars serenading you with soulful tunes. Or, for a livelier experience, head to a buzzing bar and lose yourself in the infectious energy of up-and-coming bands.

And no exploration of Wynwood's music scene is complete without mentioning Mayami Wynwood. Our restaurant is a major player in the district's electrifying nightlife. Mayami Wynwood transforms into a vibrant hub of live music, featuring renowned DJs and bands who add their unique flavor to the already captivating soundscape of Wynwood.

Mayami Wynwood: More Than A Restaurant

If you are looking for a restaurant in Miami with music, look no further than Mayami Wynwood. Although Mayami Wynwood is a Mexican-fusion restaurant in Wynwood, our space isn't just about serving delicious food and cool brunches at noon; it's about creating lifelong experiences. Mayami Wynwood ensures that every guest leaves with an experience they will never forget, with an ambiance that seamlessly blends arts and live music. 

But that's not all; Mayami Wynwood really makes you feel like you're in Tulum with its art pieces and decorations that capture the beachy and mystical vibes of the place. It's like a mini-vacation right in the middle of Wynwood, a neighborhood famous for its colorful street art and cool galleries. 

From the moment you walk in, you're immersed in a space where every corner and every wall speaks to Miami's artistic and musical heritage. Our restaurant features stunning murals and art pieces, turning dining into an exploration of visual storytelling. 

restaurants with live music miami

A Closer Look At The Live Music Experience At Mayami Wynwood

At Mayami Wynwood, the shows are a big part of the vibe. You've got aerialists performing incredible moves above you and fire dancers adding some heat to the night, all while you're enjoying your meal. 

The live bands add to the mix with various styles, ensuring there's music to suit everyone's taste. It is all about the vibe as the various performances bring this spot to life, making the dining area buzzing with energy. The décor at Mayami Wynwood gives off strong beachy and tropical feels, setting the perfect scene for a night of fun and entertainment. 

The best thing about Mayami Wynwood is that everyone participates in the fun. Whether you’re moving to the DJ's beats, clapping for the aerialists, or getting mesmerized by the fire dancers, there's an energy here that pulls you in.

Themed Dinner Parties Every Night Of The Week

Every night is a special celebration at Mayami Wynwood, with themed dinner parties every night of the week. 

A Poca Luz

Looking to unwind on Mondays? Mayami Wynwood has got you covered with "A Poca Luz" nights. The lights dim, creating a relaxed vibe. The music slows down, too, with acoustic melodies and smooth electronic beats taking center stage. It's the perfect soundtrack for catching up with friends and enjoying the company. Plus, to make your night even better, all drinks are half-off during "A Poca Luz''!


At Mayami Wynwood, Tuesday nights turn up the energy with a night dedicated to the wild at heart. Head to Wynwood for Lunatica nights! It's all about high-energy music to get you moving. Think electronic dance music (EDM) and Latin fusion mixes that will have you dancing all night. Lunatica Tuesdays are all about letting loose and having fun – anything can happen! Plus, there's a sweet deal with 50% off on select drinks all night long.

La Llevo al Cielo 

La Llevo al Cielo takes Mayami Wynwood’s guests to heaven every Wednesday night, focusing heavenly soundscapes from dreamy synth lines to angelic vocals, creating a blissful backdrop for an evening that feels like floating among the clouds or already on cloud nine. 

Zona Rosa 

Zona Rosa on Thursday night is the hottest ladies' night out you’ll ever experience. This special evening celebrates Miami's party scene's colorful and lively spirit. On Zona Rosa nights, the music is as diverse as the city itself, with a playlist that features reggaeton beats to pop hits, ensuring every moment is bursting with energy and joy. 

But that’s not all. Mayami Wynwood has a special happy hour where you can enjoy free Mayamigas cocktails from 7 pm to 10 pm and a free drink for every group of 5 girls from 9 pm to 12 am. 


"Maya-mazing" offers a night filled with wonder and surprises every Friday. Expect an eclectic mix of world beats, tribal drums, and electronic soundscapes that transport you to a place where past and future collide in a dance of rhythms and melodies.


"Maya-mia" is a love letter to Miami that Mayami Wynwood sends out every Saturday. It showcases the sounds that define this vibrant city, from salsa to hip-hop and everything in between. This brunch and dinner party night is a musical journey through Miami's heartbeat, celebrating its diverse culture and unstoppable energy.

Maldito Tulum

Every Sunday, Mayami Wynwood in Miami transforms into a vibrant scene with its "Maldito Tulum" party, offering both the best brunch and dinner experiences inspired by the bohemian luxury of Tulum, Mexico. The brunch session begins with a laid-back yet elegant atmosphere featuring an array of Mexican and international dishes, complemented by bottomless mimosas and live DJ sets. As the sun sets, the atmosphere shifts to a more electrifying dinner party, where guests enjoy gourmet cuisine, artistic performances, and a night full of dancing under the neon lights.

From DJ Sets to Live Bands and Artists

Mayami Wynwood boasts a history of hosting some of the hottest names in Latin music. Imagine dancing the night away to the electrifying beats of Omar Courtz, or belting out your favorite tunes alongside Lenny Tavarez. Maybe you'll lose yourself in the smooth sounds of Justin Quiles, or discover your new favorite artist performing live. Every night at Mayami Wynwood is an opportunity to create unforgettable memories fueled by incredible music.

This is just a taste of what Mayami Wynwood has to offer. With a constantly evolving lineup of DJs, bands, and artists, you're guaranteed a unique and electrifying musical experience every time you visit!

live music miami

Planning Your Visit To Mayami Wynwood

Mayami Wynwood is a fun place to visit, so whether you're a Miami local or just in town for a visit, here are some tips to make the most of your experience at this vibrant spot:

  • Book a reservation: Mayami Wynwood is popular, especially on themed nights. To guarantee your spot, making a reservation beforehand is a good idea. This way, you can skip the wait and dive into the fun.

  • Check the schedule: Each themed night offers a different vibe and music style. Go through our website or social media pages to see what's happening during your visit. This can help you choose the night that matches your mood or interests.

  • Come hungry (and thirsty): Mayami Wynwood's Mexican-fusion cuisine is as much a draw as the music and performances. Be sure to try some of their signature dishes and cocktails. Happy hour deals and themed night specials can also give you a taste of the best they offer without breaking the bank.

  • Plan to stay late: The true magic of Mayami Wynwood often unfolds as the night goes on. Staying late not only ensures you catch all the performances but also lets you soak in the full ambiance of the place as it transitions from restaurant to nightlife hotspot.

mayami wynwood

Conclusion On Enjoying Live Music In Miami

Live music in Miami is one of the things that makes the city special, as it brings together people from different walks of life. Right in the center of this buzzing music scene is Mayami Wynwood, a place that captures Miami's fun and lively spirit with Tulum's chill vibes, making it the perfect spot for anyone wanting to experience Miami's music scene.

Ready to elevate your dining experience to an unforgettable adventure? Dive into the vibrant heart of Miami's Wynwood Art District at Mayami Wynwood, where Mexican fusion cuisine meets exhilarating nightlife. From our signature cocktails and unbeatable dishes to nightly live entertainment that dazzles. Reserve your spot at Mayami Wynwood or order online now and embrace the best of Wynwood's dining and nightlife.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find Live Music In Miami Tonight?

Mayami Wynwood is known for its electric atmosphere and hosts themed parties every night. Whether you're in the mood for some smooth DJ sets or want to get lost in the vibes of live bands in Miami, we've got it all.

What Are The Best Restaurants With Live Music in Miami?

In Miami, Mayami Wynwood shines with its Mexican fusion and live tunes, setting the beat for the city's vibrant dining scene. Alongside, spots like Juvia, Lagniappe, The Betsy Hotel, and Ball & Chain offer everything from jazz to salsa, pairing delicious bites with soulful sounds for unforgettable Miami nights.

How Can I Discover New Music Scenes In Miami?

Keep an eye on local event listings and social media groups dedicated to Miami's music scene. Following local musicians and venues on platforms like Instagram and Facebook can also lead you to discover upcoming shows and underground gigs.

What's The Best Place For Live Music In Miami This Weekend?

If you're plotting out your weekend for some musical escapades, make sure Mayami Wynwood is on your radar. Known for its pulsating live music scene, Mayami Wynwood doesn't just host musicians; it curates nights that cater to a variety of musical tastes and themes. 

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